How to Retrieve your Jamb Password

Did you forget your jamb password ? Are you wondering : How can I retrieve my Jamb username and password. How can I get back my Jamb registration password? How can I recover the password to my Jamb portal account. 

Well, today is your lucky day! Follow the simple steps below to recover your jamb password. 

Jamb logo: How to recover lost Jamb password. 

How to Recover Your Jamb Account Password. 

The Jamb e-facility login page would look just like this
  • Under the “Forgot your password?” line, the following sentence is “Click here to reset your password”
  • Click on the “here” button pointed at in the image below. 
  • You’d be directed to a “forgot Password” page. 
  • Fill in your Email address and date of birth and click on the link “Get Password reset link”
  • A password reset link would be sent to your email address. 
  • Click on this link and reset your password. 
  • Always use secure passwords that you can remember and try not to re-use passwords. 


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