Pennsylvania Scholarships 2019/2020 | Verizon Pennsylvania Scholarship Fund 2019

Pennsylvania Scholarships 2019/2020 | Verizon Pennsylvania Scholarship Fund 2019

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Pennsylvania Scholarships

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Pennsylvania Scholarships 2019/2020 | Verizon Pennsylvania Scholarship Fund 2019

Resident students of Pennsylvania can access diverse financial aid programs intended to facilitate PA students in achieving their higher educational goals.

 With the help of scholarships in PA students can study at any of the institutions of higher learning in the state of which there are more than a hundred.

The US state of Pennsylvania was one of the founding states of the nation and it currently has around 500 districts of public schools.

Importance of Pennsylvania Scholarships

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Native students of PA or students attending school in Pennsylvania are well known with the hardships related with paying for a university education.

Considering state scholarships as one of the search criteria Pennsylvania students can be benefitted with specific scholarships that can lessen such hardships.

The first university in America was founded in Pennsylvania. As such, the state has strong ties to education. The state has laws in place to help students further their education.

In fact, many scholarships in PA are available that can enable the residents to study further without having to worry about the expenses.

List of Scholarships in Pennsylvania

Below mentioned are some scholarships for studying in Pennsylvania:

Pennsylvania State Grant Program

This grant program is available to the undergraduate students residing in Pennsylvania.

The students must be planning to attend a university or a college from Pennsylvania that they are eligible for.

The students have to demonstrate their financial need for the program in order to be considered for the financial aid.

Partnership for Access to Higher Education Grant

Also called the PATH program, this grant is available to students residing in Pennsylvania.

They need to be enrolled and studying at an eligible college or university.

The students have to be nominated by any organization participating in the PATH program.

Financial need has to be demonstrated but the educational institution will determine if the need is appropriate.

QuestBridge College Match Program

This program was created to help fund the scholarships that are required by students from lower income households.

A high merit in the academic fields must be possessed by the students so as to become eligible for the program.

Horatio Alger Pennsylvania/Franklin Scholarship Program

Students currently in high school can avail of this scholarship program that can cover the expenses of their undergraduate studies.

However, they need to maintain a minimum grade point of 2.0 average.

The students should also demonstrate their need for financial aid is critical and must be residing in Pennsylvania.

Harvey Fellowship

This particular fellowship program is open only to Christian students.

They can be citizens of the United States or international students.

The academic achievements of the students will be taken into consideration along with their commitment to the values prized by Christianity.

Prudential Spirit of Community Award

The Community Award is open for applications from students of the United States as long as they have engaged in volunteering activities.

Moreover, the students can be studying in the fifth to the twelfth grades.

ONU Out-of-State Recognition Award

Students who are planning to enroll in the Ohio Northern University can apply for this award as long as they are opting for full time courses.

They can be residents of any state except Ohio which means students from Pennsylvania can be eligible.

RMHC Scholars Program

U.S. seniors in high schools can apply for the scholarship as long as they reside within the geographic area of any of the Ronald McDonald House Charities programs.

Such programs are present in Pennsylvania as well.

University of Maine Presidential Scholarship

The Presidential Scholarship is a highly selective program meant for students residing in any state except Maine.

The students should be interested in attending the University of Maine in Monroe.

Additionally, they need to be the top 10 percent of their class in order to eligible.

Recipients have to fulfill a similarly tough selection criterion to be considered for the award.

Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship

Students must be residents of areas that are served by Comcast.

Meant for high school seniors, the students have to academically gifted and have a grade point average that is 2.8 at least or more.

The amount provided by the scholarship can be used to fund the tuition fees of the students.

The services of Comcast cover a large number of areas in Pennsylvania which means its residents will find it easier to apply for this scholarship program.

Scholarships in PA can be of immense help for students hailing from the state or for those who wish to study in the state.

After all, Pennsylvania has an excellent infrastructure in place for education through the many schools, colleges and universities.

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